Have you ever been to France?

Have you ever watched the French playing a strange game in the street where they throw small metal balls at an even smaller wooden one? Well, the game is called 'Pétanque' and it’s probably the best game you’ve never heard of. It's played in countries around the world, including England, which is divided into 16 Regions. Ours, the Southern Counties Region, has 21 clubs spread from Adur in the east to Bournmouth in the west.

Pétanque is a great game for all ages and sexes. Whether your abled or disabled, fit or unfit, all can play the game. It’s a great fun game or it can be very competitive, all depending on how you like to play. For the beginner there will be regular, friendly club sessions and for the more competitive players there will be competitions. These could be simple, internal club competitions, or Open to anyone competitions and, for the really serious, League competitions, playing against the best from the other clubs in the region.

Membership of Clymping P C is just £35 per year for adults (£65 for a couple) and £5 for Juniors. The Junior rate also includes free membership of Petanque England, our governing body.